The Delicate Balance of LIBRA

Every year, the Autumn Equinox brings with it more balanced days and nights. Leaves shimmer with deep golden, brilliant orange and fiery red colors in the gentle fall breeze and warm sunlight. Vineyard hands work quickly to pick the perfectly ripe fruit before the balance in the brix and acid levels becomes askew. And remember, it’s birthday time for us Libras; those of us who seek the delicate balance in our lives. This balance is also an integral part of many things, including the process of transforming grapes into beautiful wine.


Bill and Linda Hanson, with their daughter Lily, live by this notion; personally, with their own small production winery, as well as in their vineyard management techniques. Previously, they have been procuring fruit from non-estate vineyards, but on September 23, 2009, in tune with the Autumn Equinox, Bill harvested their first estate grapes. Inspiration for LIBRA was born from Linda, a Libra, but soon they all became immersed in all that Libra stands for.


In Greek mythology, Persephone was the beautiful daughter of Zeus and Demeter, goddess of Agriculture, or “all things growing.” From the Underworld, Hades set his sights on Persephone, and brought her by force to his kingdom to make her Queen of the Underworld. Demeter was devastated by this; she searched the world high and low for her beautiful daughter for months, neglecting her godly duties, and nothing grew, transforming the world from beautiful and lush to one overcome by the dead of winter. Zeus struck a deal with Hades. Persephone from then on was transported from the Underworld every 21st of March for eight months, on the grand chariot represented by the constellation Libra, bringing spring and balance to the earth with her.